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90 Days Mentorship Program with Vishvesh Moghia

Book this consulting call to discuss your Affiliate business goals and plan a strategy that can get you to the 6 figure mark in affiliate sales within 90 days.

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PLEASE NOTE - our methods involves high budget investment, if you are not comfortable with high budget investments then please don't book this call... 

Recent Results...

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My Mentee's Results

$5K Days for one my Students

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What will be discussed on this Call ?

This is an Affiliate Consultation Call

Duration will be 20-30 mins on phone or zoom.

We will focus only on Facebook ads and Clickbank affiliate Marketing strategies on this call.

We will have this call to explain things about the Right methods of Affiliate Marketing

The budget needed for learning and implementation of the right process

Time and efforts needed for the right process

Tools to be used for the process.

What kind of results can be expected after completing the mentorship with me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How soon will I see an ROI from this?

How motivated are you?

In my experience, the students who are…- Focused- Determined- Coachable- Make no excuses- Stay positive- AND PUT IN THE WORK…THOSE students often see a positive ROI within the first 30-90 days…if not within the first WEEK.So if all of that sounds like you, Private Coaching is the place for you!

  What is Private Coaching?

Private Coaching is your opportunity to accelerate your results with Clickbank using FB ads.

I have already won the ClickBank Platinum award for $250K+ in annual sales…so you’ll truly be working with the top 1% of affiliate!

  I’m scared I’ll just get halfway through and give up…just like I have before.

That is EXACTLY why you should sign up for Private Coaching and get the accountability you need.

The truth is, nobody on earth can help you if you “suffer in silence” and don’t ask for help.

But if you ask for help ALWAYS when you feel stuck, lost, or discouraged, your coach will always be there for you.

  What can I expect to learn from Private Coaching?

You will learn what it takes to hit consistent $1K days or even reach ClickBank Platinum…since your Private Coach have been there, done that.